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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

10:08 pm:

My roommate, who is in Rome for 3 weeks, left me in charge of his Netflix account. Not that I have any time to watch movies, but I need some recommendations for my queue (what the hell kind of word is that, anyway?). Suggestions?

11:02 pm:

A guy called and asked, "Who the hell is this band? They suck! They're not good." After I explained they were a joke band from "Old School," he said, "Oh... that explains a lot."

11:04 pm:

Personally, the traffic report on the radio has come in handy for me on several occasions. But I see what Adam's saying: it's annoying when they break into programming on an FM music station. When you're listening to the "Traffic every 6 minutes" AM station, you appreciate a comprehensive traffic report.

11:09 pm:

Chris's "Yes" response to Adam's venerable "Jew or Asian?" routine ranks among the funniest moments I've heard on this show. Great times.

11:22 pm:

Loveline first: A male caller named Grover. Poor guy.

Thursday, June 2, 2005

11:59 pm:

Yep, you heard right: Tonight was my last night as Call Screener Bryan (I always preferred that to "PHONE Screener Bryan"-- I screened calls, not phones). First of all, thanks for supporting Bryan's Blog. Writing it was by far the best part of my job for the last few months. Thanks to Silent Virgin for helping me publish and develop it. He/She runs a fantastic site, and I'll continue to check in from time to time (under my secret identity, of course).

What's next? I'll happily focus all my energy and attention on my full-time day job... for now. As SV can tell you, "Loveline" is a cruel mistress who demands a lot of your time, and the burden of working an extra 2.5 hours each night was getting to be too much.

It's been an amazing and memorable three years. I've made lifelong friends, met incredibly cool celebrities, and got to work alongside two of the most talented people in show business: Adam and Drew. Throughout it all, I always felt like a fan who just got lucky.


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